Rayden Design Studio | Mooshir Vahanvati
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Despite cosmic efforts to push him towards the medical profession, Mooshir started his educational journey as an Engineer only to end up as an artist. In between this transition he realised his love for Design as well as all things creative.


Which goes on to say that he has a Bachelors in Computer Engineering, a Masters in Visual Communication and a Masters from ITP, NYU. He is an Inlaks scholar and his works have been displayed across many galleries in New York, Barcelona and Ireland. He is also passionate about teaching and contributes to Interaction design course at IDC, IIT Bombay.


Mooshir can cut silence with his hmmms, yet he is the rock that holds Rayden firmly. To him there is nothing that cannot be done, every deadline is achievable and time holds it’s breath when he works.


He is fond of listening to music and making everyone else listen to it, which unfortunately doesn’t make him the most liked person, especially on scores of Italian opera.