Rayden Design Studio | Basik Linen Series
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About This Project

Feel the texture of free flowing threads, spun with all the coolness of an evening breeze and made chic with lines and colours created to compliment an ideal environment of slow moving exultation. Watch the strokes of the cloth breathe with the rhythm of your heart, swelling and dwindling, coming to life in your hands. Basik Linen, brings easy movement to the geometry of urban living, creating a mellow cadence in its presence. Move, Breathe, Live.


Batik, meaning ‘wax writing’ is an art form of decorating the cloth by resisting the design parts or pattern with a layer of wax, over-dyeing it and then removing the wax. The outcome is a pattern on the surface of the fabric, which was resisted with wax initially. The characteristic effects of batik are the fine cracks that appear in the wax, which allow small amounts of dye to seep in. The BASIK LINEN B/W series is created using hand block printing.



100% Cotton


B&W, Multiple