Rayden Design Studio | Basik Bowl XS [Brass] x 2
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Basik Bowl XS [Brass] x 2


[Set of 2] Brass Bowls

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Envelope yourself in the warm comfort of a cozy fire on a chilly winter night. Imagine being surrounded by it as you take a meal in your apartment. This is the joy we’ve crafted for you in our newest creation, Basik. Spun in pure brass, take home this set of dinnerware to enrich your meals. Complement the muted earthy tones of the stoneware with some glitter of brass.


Lose yourself in a world where there is perfect equilibrium in every axis, as 2D shapes rise to create seamless forms in varying proportions. Here is a world where beauty and geometry combine harmoniously to manifest in the simplest of expressions, devoid of the clutter and excesses of modern living . Lets go back to Basik.


Material: Brass

Color: Brass

Additional Information
Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 80 x 80 x 40 mm